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"All good wishes for the
continued success of this series
Principles of Leadership)
The Rt. Hon. Sir John Major
(Former British Prime Minister)  
Watch a sample of our programming here.
"I wish you the best of luck with
it all
Principles of Leadership)
Sir Richard Branson -
"God appoints the spiritual leader at church and
performs wonderful works through that leader. I
believe the “Principles of Leadership” series will help
us to learn how God works through the leaders all
over the world today. God is still looking for the
prepared spiritual leaders. He looks for the person of
the Holy Spirit, the person of prayer, the person of
dream and vision, the person of the word of God, the
person of love, and the person of humility. I pray that
you all become the spiritual leaders whom God can
use greatly for His Kingdom.
"   Dr. Young Hoon Lee
- Senior Pastor Yoido Full Gospel Church
(The world's largest)
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Filming "Principles
of Praise" TV with
popular singer /
songwriter /
worship leader
Darlene Zschech
Dr. Lee being
interviewed for "Precepts
of Leadership" TV Series
HFC International
Keith & Mary Hudson,
parents of singer Katy
Perry, being interviewed
for the
Precepts of
Leadership" TV series.
QUICK QUOTES from world leaders:
He has the ear of the
Presidents and now it's
our turn to ask the
questions of author and
political activist Jim
Wallis on
Precepts of Leadership .
One of our most recent interviews with
Lord David Puttnam - the Award winning
Producer of films such as
"Chariots of Fire" and "The Mission".
Filming an interview with
Paul Williams
(TV's "The Secret
Millionaire") aboard his
ship HMS President.
One of the most long lasting top selling music groups
in the world -  "The Newsboys" interviewed for
Principles of Praise" TV Series.
Filming "Precepts of
Leadership" with
best-selling author,
activist and minister
Danielle Strickland.
Filming "Precepts of Leadership" TV with
Pastor / Author / Communicator Francis Chan.