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20/20 Hindsight
Experience is often a good teacher.  Ask any
person how they would have done things  
differently and they will offer some good advice.
Ask a great leader  the same question and they
will give you great advice. Contributors include J.
John,George Carey,Joyce Meyer,Sunday Adelaja,
George Verwer,Andrew White,Paul Scanlon,
Jackie Pullinger,Ulf Ekman,Stuart Briscoe,Dennis
Balcombe,Jill Briscoe and William Kumuyi.
Avoiding Burnout in Your Life
Eager to do a “good job” and be pleasing to God
and man, many ministers and servants of God are,
literally, burning themselves out by overwork,
stress and overcommitment.  Seasoned ministers
of the Gospel share the principles that they have
learned through their years of experience about
avoiding this lethal trap of the enemy. Contributors
include Mal Fletcher,Gerald Coates,Lou Fellingham,
William Kumuyi,Noel Richards,Andrew Wommack,
Brother Andrew,Stuart Briscoe,Fiona Castle and
Casey Treat.
Leaders are Readers
It's an old saying - leaders are readers. Yet, it is based on
fact, not myth. Find a great leader and you will find a
person that spends at least some of their time getting
wisdom and ideas from books. Wondering what some of
the most well known Christian leaders are reading we
asked some of the world's favourite leaders what they are
currently reading.
Making Mountains out of Molehills
Many people have countless theories about what the key
is to church growth. However There are a limited number
of leaders who have actually led a large church or been
actively involved in observing church growth. The firsthand
observations contained in this film are vital to a practical
understanding of the key elements to long lasting church
growth. Contributors include Ulf Ekman,Paul
Scanlon,Gerald Coates,J. John,Mal Fletcher,Andrew
Wommack,Sunday Adelaja,Casey Treat,Ron van der
Spoel,William Kumuyi,Stuart Briscoe and Chris Bowater
Passing on the Baton
Legacy - every great leader wants to leave
something behind him or her that will go on for
countless generations. Their legacy will
survive and flourish. These great leaders have
shared their innermost thoughts of how they
want to be remembered.
Public Leaders, Private Battles
When a public figure, such as a minister, is
battling a private battle  how public - or private
should that battle be? Should he or she enlist the
prayer support of their local church - or the
Church worldwide? These guests have had to
face that very questions as they have faced
sickness, disease, death and other tragedies.
Their frank answers will lead to a better
understand of the place and ministry of the whole
Body of Christ. Contributors include Casey Treat,
Don Double and others.

Social Meets Gospel
Years ago the “social gospel” was a very bad
phrase for an evangelistic church to utter - never
mind trying to practice it. Today most churches
are engaged in at least one type of social
outreach. What has changed? What is the proper
balance? World renowned Christian leaders such
as    and others attempt to answer these
questions from years of experience.Contributors
include J. John,Luis Palau,Joyce Meyer,Roger
Forster,Sunday Adelaja,Gerald Coates,Yazz,
Brother Andrew,William Kumuyi,Terry Virgo and
Paul Scanlon
Building Teams & Leaders
With a team of guests to answer the question “How
do you build trustworthy teams and leaders?” we
have attempted to tap into years of experience from
Christian leaders such as Brother Andrew,  Colin
Urquhart, J. John, Jackie Pullinger    and others.
Their answers might not only surprise you but save
you years of trail and error in building a successful
team. Contributors include: (Volume 1) Brother
Andrew,J. John,George Verwer,Jackie Pullinger,
Colin Urquhart,Gerald Coates,Sunday Adelaja, Ron
van der Spoel (Volume 2) Richard Dannatt,Andrew
Wommack,Terry Virgo,Casey Treat,David Hathaway,
Mike Pilavachi,Anne Graham Lotz,Dennis Sempebwa,
Gary Grant,Roger Forster,Floyd McClung and Tony
Turning Coals into Diamonds
“When life gives you lemons”, they say, “make
lemonade”.  Criticism hurts but it can help. We ask
some well known Christian leaders how they have
handled criticism in their life and ministry.
Contributors include J. John,Paul Scanlon,George
Verwer,Ulf Ekman,Brian Mawhinney,Dennis
Balcombe,Lynn Green,Andrew White,Loren
Cunningham,Joyce Meyer,Sunday Adelaja,Stuart
Briscoe,Luis Palau and George Carey.
Post-Modern Trends in World Missions
In our “multi-faiths” society - where is world missions
headed today? Is it still wanted ? Or needed?
With input from outstanding Christian leaders this is
probably one of  the most important cross-
denominational studies on the subject of world missions
ever produced.