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Deciding Who's on First
They say, “If you need something done ask a busy person. “
Using the same principle we have asked some of the busiest
Christians In the world today how they set priorities in their
life. Contributors include Jill Briscoe,Luis Palau,George
Carey,Joyce Meyer,George Verwer,J. John,Brian
Mawhinney, Andrew White,Ulf Ekman,Loren Cunningham,
Dennis Balcombe and Lynn Green
What They Never Taught at Harvard Divinity School
Just ask leaders such as Sunday Adelaja,George
Carey,Dennis Balcombe,J. John,William Kumuyi,
Ulf Ekman,Baroness Caroline Cox,George Verwer,
Nicky Gumbel,Joyce Meyer,Luis Palau,Stuart
Briscoe,Jackie Pullinger,Lynn Green and Andrew White.
What do they wish that they had been taught when they just
started out in ministry. Their very frank answers might
surprise. They will enlighten you and they will Give you
insight into practicalities and knowledge.
How to be Accountable to God and Man
In much of the world the Christian Church is not known for
its evangelism or love but for the scores of fallen leaders
who have brought reproach on the name of Jesus Christ.
What seems to be the common denominator  and missing
ingredient? It seems to be a lack of accountability.
Featuring Phil Pringle, R T Kendall, Anne Graham Lotz,
Kong Hee, Enoch Adeboye, Andrew Wommack, Lisa
Bevere, Malcolm Hedding, Casey Treat and Floyd McClung
The Key to Communication
In our multi-level media oriented
society have we won the ability
to “tweet” but lost the power
to communicate?
Some of the world's most popular Christian
communicators help to share what they feel
are the Keys to Communication.
The Secret of Motivation
This is a seemingly ego-centric society
based on the needs of - myself.
How can Christian leaders instil an
others-centric heart in today’s
army of leaders?
Top Christian leaders share their secrets of
Filled with God's Spirit
Many of the world's leading Christian leaders
pour out of their heart and spirit every day.
How do they keep Filled with God's Spirit?
The Effective & Powerful Church
Sometimes churches are large and
possibly well known but are they shaking
the gates of Hell?
Are they both Effective and Powerful?
My Most Influential
Each and every leader has, aside from
Jesus Christ, one person that has
influenced their life and ministry. We find
out who that is as we quiz some of
Christianity's most loved and respected