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This series features interviews with some of the most
well known and loved Christian leaders in the world
today and examines what principles they use in their
lives and ministry.
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Interesting people doing unusual things in faraway
places - that is what this series is all about. From
Beijing to London, Jerusalem to Amsterdam be an
eyewitness to people that make this world "tick".
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Following in the style of "Principles of Leadership"
we delve into the lives of Christian film and TV
directors, producers, actors, actresses and
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Youth TV with a difference this series tackles
the issues that influence and affect the lives of
young people everywhere
(Suggested age range 16-22).
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Learning about gardening with a difference - a
Christian perspective on gardening features one
of Australia / New Zealand's gardening experts.
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Aimed at young mothers this series is real and it's
heart-touching. What's it like when your husband is
almost killed? When the fire has lost its sparkle?
These are just some of the questions that are
answered from a practical perspective.
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Featuring one of the chief architect's of England's
"The Eden Project" this series helps to grapple with
the issue of sustainable architecture and being a
good steward of God's magnificent creation.
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The creative arts encompass so many different
areas and this series covers them all -- from
comedy to sculpture, painting to prose there's
barely any stone left unturned.
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How does NY Times best selling author Joyce Meyer
juggle her time? What would Anne Graham Lotz (Billy
Graham's daughter) do if she had the chance to live
her life over again? What does Head of the British
Army General Sir Richard Dannatt thinks is the answer
to world peace? This series asks these and other
thought and conscience provoking questions.
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This is Bible history like no Sunday School has ever
taught. Featuring footage from the places where it
all happened this series brings the viewer right into
"the picture" and explains it all in a simple but
informative way.
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How does Graham Kendrick get inspired? Where
did Phatfish get their name? What does Noel
Richards think Jesus would sing? Covering a wide
range of topics on the subject of praise we ask
today's Christian singers and songwriters for the
scoop behind the songs.
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What are the Issues of Life that we all face - prince
and pauper, star and unknown? In this series
almost every strata of post-modern society is put
under the microscope - from science to theology,
economics to sex.
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Just what are the principles of business that
successful business men and women use to "make
it"? By asking the key questions of the "movers and
shakers" of dozens of industries this series digs
deep and gets its answers.
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