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Born of Greek Cypriot parents, J. John is considered one
of the greatest communicators of the 21st century to the
unchurched. His simple, yet powerful style of sharing has
made J. John a popular conference speaker and author.  
Two million copies of his books have been printed in over
13 languages.
George Carey served as the Archbishop of Canterbury
from 1991-2002. He was the first to come from the
evangelical wing of the Church of England for many
years. His leadership led the Anglican church through a
very mixed and troubled time. He officiated at the Queen
Mother’s funeral and at many auspicious state occasions.
He now serves in the House of Lords - The Houses of
Floyd McCLung served as the International Operations
Director of Youth with a Mission. He has written many
books on missions, evangelism and the Apostolic,
including the best-seller Living on the Devil’s Doorstep,
which tells of his pioneer work in Amsterdam. Floyd is also
a popular conference and leadership speaker. He is
married to Sally and they currently live in South Africa.
                           ALSO IN RUSSIAN
Andrew White served as the Archbishop of Canterbury’s
Special Envoy to the Middle East. He was the key
negotiator in the Bethlehem siege in 2002 and in the riots
in Northern Nigeria. He is the minister of two churches in
Baghdad, Iraq. Andrew spends his time equally between
Iraq, Israel and Palestine. He is currently the President
and CEO of the Foundation for Reconciliation in the
Middle East.  
                           ALSO IN RUSSIAN
Tony Anthony is an internally recognised evangelist and
author of the best selling book Taming The Tiger, the
story of his conversion after years of being a three times
world Kung Fu champion. He is the founding Director of
Avanti Ministries which trains in evangelism in 58 countries.
Jill Briscoe has been at the forefront of church
leadership for over 30 years with her husband, Stuart.
Stuart served for 30 years as Senior Pastor of
Elmbrook Church (USA). Jill has written over 50 books
and is a popular radio and conference speaker. She
is also the editor of a magazine for women in
leadership. She is a mother of 3 and grandmother of
Daniel Matei is the oldest son of a Baptist preacher .
He escaped to the West from Romania but returned
after the 1989 Revolution there. He is the Founding
Apostle of the Agape Church in Timisoara, Romania,
with thousands of members. He has been involved in
church planting in China, Central America, Africa and
Eastern Europe. He is married to Doina.
Joseph Ton was imprisoned many times in the
1970’s in his native Romania for being a Gospel
minister. During this time he began to understand a
“theology of persecution” and write a book on it. He
is the President of the Romanian Missionary Society
and has established a Bible Institute, a Christian
publishing company and a Gospel radio station.
Stuart Briscoe's preaching and teaching have taken
him to more than 100 countries as he has ministered
to pastors, missionaries, and lay leaders. Stuart
served for 30 years as Senior Pastor of Elmbrook
Church (USA) which grew to 10,000 attendees. He
also teaches extensively through video and
audiotapes, and has written more than 50 books.
Stuart and his wife, Jill have three grown children and
thirteen grandchildren.
David Hathaway is the Founder and President of
Eurovision Mission to Europe. He has ministered
worldwide for over 50 years. Today his TV broadcast
Power of Faith is broadcast in Russia, Siberia, the
Ukraine and Europe to millions. He was healed of
cancer twice and miraculously released from
Communist prison.
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