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Pastor Ron van der Spoel is a Pastor / Church planter,
a teacher in reformed and evangelical homiletics, author
and popular conference speaker based in Holland. He is
the founder of “Passion for Preaching” and serves on the
Board of  Brother Andrew’s (“God’s Smuggler”) Open
Doors ministry. He is currently the Pastor of Kruispunt
(Crosspoint) Church in Amersfoort. He is married to
Annette and has 3 daughters.
Lord Brian Mawhinney served as Chairman of the Tory
Party (1995-1997) under John Major as well as Secretary
of Transport. He also served as the Conservative MP for
Cambridgeshire North West in the House of Commons
and is a committed Christian unashamedly witnessing of
the Lordship of Jesus Christ in the British Houses of
Malcolm Hedding is the Executive Director of
International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem. He is the
author of several books and a much sought after speaker
on the subject of Israel and the Bible. For 25 years he
served as an ordained minister of the Assemblies of God,
South Africa. He and his wife have 3 children and 3
Don Double is the founder and Director of Good News
Crusade. His evangelistic and healing ministry has
touched the lives of thousands of people in over 50
countries around the world. Having been healed from
TB and cancer Don knows the power of God firsthand.
Don was married to his wife Heather, who went to be
with the Lord in 2007. They have 5 children and 15
Enoch Adeboye has been the General Overseer of the
Redeemed Christian Church of God based in Lagos,
Nigeria since 1981. Dr. Adeboye has been called 1 of the
Top 50 Most Powerful People in the World by Newsweek
Magazine. The RCCG churches can be found in over 90
countries worldwide, with 10,000 branches in Nigerial
alone. He founded the Festival of Life in Nigeria and
London with over 30,000 attending the U. K. event. He is
married to his wife Folu.
Dennis Sempebwa lived under the regime of Idi
Amine in his native Uganda. He formed the Gospel
group Limit X and is now the President and Founder
of Eagle’s Wings International and the International
College of Excellence. He has a Doctorate in pastoral
ministry and a Ph.D Degree.  He and his wife Ingrid
have three children and live in Chicago, IL (U. S. A.).
David Sullivan is the Director of Harvest Fields
Commissioning International, a leadership training
charity and is the Executive Producer of OLI
Productions. He has interviewed some of the most well
know Christian leaders, authors and speakers today
for “Principles of Leadership”, “Principles of Praise”
and “Principles of Business”. David has written a
number of books that are used by leaders worldwide
and produces Christian films and TV programmes that
are viewed by millions worldwide.
Alan Mortlock is a martial arts expert from the East End
of London. Facing a crisis of imprisonment, drugs, alcohol
abuse and a failing marriage Alan listened to a friend’s
testimony of change in his life and followed his example,
giving his life to Jesus Christ. Today Alan feels that he is
called as an evangelist to those with similar backgrounds.
He is the author of the book “Meeting the Guv’nor”. Alan
is married to Laura and they have three sons.
Simon Guillebaud was working as a Business
Deveolopment Executive in England when God called
him, quite dramatically, to Bible School and then to
serve Him in Burundi, Africa. In the midst of a civil war
there he developed a self-sustaining ministry outreach
From death threats to the daeth of many of his closes
freinds Simon has ministered to develop leaedership
and discipleship in that nationa. Simon and his wife
Lizzie have 3 children: Grace, Josiah and Zac.
Os Guinness is the great-great-great grandson of
Arthur Guionness of the famous Dublin brewing
family. He was born in China during World War II, his
parents being medical missionaries. He graduated
from Oxford University with a Phil.D. in Social
Science. He has been involved with the media and in
the writing of several best selling books, including
“The Gravedigger File”. Os founded the Trinity
Forum in 1991. His concern is to bridge the chasm
between academic and popular knowledge.
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