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Tony Campolo has authored more than 30 books. One of
his main emphasis is to challenge evangelical “thinking”
emphasising the words of Jesus. He believes that
progressive thought and reform is needed in the
evangelical movement and he travels worldwide sharing
his thoughts and message. He and his wife Peggy have a
daughter and a son and an adopted daughter.
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The follow-up series to the 52-part "Principles
of Leadership
" Series is the 52-part "Precepts
of Leadership" Series which is in currently in
production (2010-2012)
and the 52-part "
Perspectives on Leadership"
in production (2012-2014)
Tass Saada was a trained sniper serving Yasser Arafat for
the “liberation of Palestine”. After moving to the U. S. Tass
met his wife Karen and found Jesus Christ as His Lord and
Saviour. He started the humanitarian organisation Hope for
Ishmael and brings a message of hope and reconciliation for
the Middle East. He is the author of the autobiographical
“Once an Arafat Man”. Tass is married to Karen and they
have a son and a daughter who also serve in ministry.
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