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MORE QUOTES about Principles / Precepts  of Leadership"
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"Principles of Leadership" Leaflet
As Bible believing Christians we have a responsibility to
preach the Gospel and to change the generation in
which we live. God is depending on us. He has
commanded us to become involved, to do something.
We don't all have to be great preachers, but the fact is
that we are all  saved to serve. He has called us - we
have to make it happen! This "Principles of Leadership"
series will equip you to do just that."  
David Hathaway - Eurovision

"Leadership is the process of correctly identifying Jesus
and then allowing Him to correctly identify you.  At
Caesarea Philippi, Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do
you say that I am?”  Simon correctly answered with the
revelatory statement, “You are the Christ, the Son of the
Living God!”  Immediately thereafter, Jesus renamed
him Peter (a rock) and told him his true identity and
destiny in leadership.  This is a pattern for all of us who
follow the Master."
Peter Tsukahira - Founder & Leader Kehilat HaCarmel,
Israel & Board Member - Church Growth International

"Perhaps never before has the world so needed a
vibrant, spirit-filled Church that isn’t just teaching and
preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in word, but
actively living it out – demonstrating with love, grace,
compassion and humility a radical lifestyle based on
God’s values and priorities, that is distinctive,
outstanding and that has the capacity to transform
individuals, communities and nations in the name and
authority of Jesus Christ. I thank God for the "Precepts
of Leadership" TV series that he is using to inspire,
ignite and equip his Church to authentically demonstrate
the nature of Christ and his kingdom, and to change the
climate of the societies in which we live. "
Susie Howe - Founder - Bethany Children's Trust

"The future of the church depends largely on the quality
of the servant leaders who give themselves up for her. I
am glad to be associated with the Precepts of
Leadership series, because it is such a vital subject."
Charlie Cleverly - Author & Minister - St. Aldate's,

"This is a time of unprecedented and fast-moving
change in our increasingly globalised international
culture. It presents very special challenges to leaders of
all stripes - from leaders of national governments, to
CEOs and heads of charities and churches. Decisions
are being made today, especially in the areas of
technology and social policy, that will shape the future
of our children and our children's children and may even
radically redefine what it means to be a human being.
More than ever, leaders need information on how to
meet the challenges of the day. The "Principles of
Leadership" series is, I believe, an important resource
for leaders who want no only to engage the present, but
to shape the future in line with higher, Kingdom
priorities. I highly recommend this series to you."
Mal Fletcher - Director
Next Wave International & Edges TV - London
Charlie Cleverly
Peter Tsukahira
Susie Howe
David Hathaway
Mal Fletcher