Dr. Young Hoon Lee is the Senior Pastor of the world's
largest church - Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul,
South Korea with almost 1 million members. He is the
successor to Dr. David Yonggi Cho and has brought his
own unique giftings and talents to this church and role.
David Cerullo is the Chairman and CEO of Inspiration
Ministries which includes the Inspiration Network International
and La Familia Cosmovision. Combined they reach a total of
more than 150 million households. David has a BA Degree in
Business Administration and Management. He is the son of
evangelist Morris Cerullo. He and his wife Barabara have two
children, evangelist Ben Cerullo and Becky.   
Keith & Mary Hudson have a well established
prophetic and evangelistic ministry whose purpose is to
expose spiritual lethargy. Mary has just completed a
book on Christian parenting. One of their children is
singer Katie Perry who was married to British
comedian Russell Brand.
Jentezen Franklin is the Senior Pastor of  Free Chapel
in Gainesville, Georgia. His ministry impacts many
through global outreaches and his TV broadcast
“Kingdom Connection”. Jentezen is also a popular
conference speaker and author. He and his wife Cherise
have 5 children.
Heidi Baker and her husband Rolland ministered in Asia
for 12 years before starting a ministry in Mozambique to
help the poor and homeless. They serve 5,000 churches
in that country and 8,000 worldwide. Heidi and Rolland
both have a Ph. D. From King’s College, London. They
have founded Iris Ministries. Heidi’s story has been told
in the popular film “Mama Heidi”.
Liu Peng shocked the world by, in China’s communist
daily newspaper, stating publicly that China’s House
Churches should be legally accepted into society. He is
consulted by the Chinese government about religious and
social issues and is a Professor at the Institute of
American studies in Beijing as well as a non-residential
fellow at the Centre for Reasearch on Religion and Urban
Civil Society (PA, U.S.A.).
Shaun Bao was born as a member of  China’s Royal
family (the Qing Dynasty).  At the start of the Revolution
his parents were sent to re-education camps. Raised by
his grandmother Shaun became a famous film actor,
having been noticed by Mao’s wife. He faced a new
direction while studying in New Zealand. Today he is a
Pastor, church planter and the co-founder of The
Harmony & Unity Centre.
Zhao Xiao has been named as “One of the Ten Leaders
of our Generation” by China’s "People’s Weekly". He is a
Professor and Doctoral-Mentor at the Beijing University
of Science and Technology and the former Head of  is
the Economic Research Centre. Zhao is one of the most
highly respected economists in Asia. His story is one of
the most unique accounts to come out of the nation of
Richard Meryon served 30 years in the Royal Navy, as
the Chief Engineer on the Ark Royal, 5 years at the
Ministry of Defence, Whitehall and as the Executive
Director of Christian Viewpoint for Men. He has also
taught engineering at The Britannia Royal Naval College.
Currently Richard is serving as the CEO of The Garden
Tomb, Jerusalem, Israel. He and his wife Rosalind have
three children.
Joy Carroll Wallis grew up in London as a child of an
Anglican priest. Joy was one of the first women to be
ordained in the Church of England. In fact, she was the
inspiration, role model and advisor for the popular
British TV comedy series “the Vicar of Dibley” TV
series with Dawn French. She has written a book about
her experiences called “Beneath the Cassock: The
Real Life Vicar of Dibley”. She is married to Jim Wallis,
head of The Sojourners and they have two sons.