Peter Tsukahira is a Japanese American and Israeli citizen,
the son of an American diplomat. He has worked for both
NEC and Wang and pastored in Tokyo, Japan. After the Gulf
War Peter co-founded the Kehilat HaCarmel Messianic
Centre. Peter serves on the board of Dr. Yonggi Cho’s
Church Growth International. He is married to Rita and they
have two children.
David & Leah Ortiz had their world shattered when an
innocent looking Purim package exploded in the hands of their
son, Ami. The doctors have described his recovery as
“miraculous”. They lead a Messianic congregation in Ariel,
Israel and reach out to both Arabs and Jews throughout the
Daniel Kolenda is a fifth generation preacher. As a young
boy he received the call of God to take the Gospel to the
nations of the world. Daniel has preached to crowds of up
to half a million people working with Christ for all Nations.
He serves as successor to Reinhard Bonnke as head of
CfaN. Daniel and his wife Rebekah have three children.
Andreas Nielsen found new life in Jesus Christ in the
U. S. and had a lucrative recording contract in Nashville,
TN. Instead of pursuing this career he came back to his
native Sweden and began to serve in church leadership.
He and his wife Lina started the Passion Church in
Stockholm, now known as Hillsong Stockholm. They have
two daughters.
Christy Wimber is a co-Pastor of the Yorba Linda Vineyard
Church in California (USA) with her husband Sean. Christy
is a renowned expert on the life and teachings of her
father-in-law John Wimber, founder of the Vineyard Church
Movement and is a popular author and conference speaker.
Peter Wenz is the senior pastor of BGG Stuttgart,
Germany, one of the largest charismatic churches in the
German-speaking world, and has an international
preaching ministry. He leads a network of churches and
organisations in over 20 countries. With his wife, Sabine,
he is strongly involved with a social-work organisation in
Africa (JAM), which daily feeds and teaches over 400,000
children. His central message is the Love and Goodness of
God, and the importance of a consistent, authentic lifestyle.
Isaac Liu was born prematurely, in answer to his mother's
prayer. Because his father was in prison the authorities had
planned to abort the child the very next day. Isaac's father is
one of Christianity's modern day heroes - Brother Yun,
author of the best-selling book "The Heavenly Man". Isaac
is married and Pastors an international church in Germany.
Philip Yancey is one of the most popular Christian writers
today. He has sold over 14 million of his books worldwide
including the popular "What's So Amazing About Grace". He
is an eight time winner of the Gold Medallion Book Award
and has served as Editor of "Campus" Magazine,
"Christianity Today" and as a contributor to "Reader's
Digest" and other publications. He is also an avid mountain
climber and is married to his wife Janet.
Dan Schmid is from Switzerland and Pastors ICF Stuttgart
in Germany. He and his wife Karon planted the church after
being in leadership in ICF's home base in Switzerland.
They have a son and a daughter.
Roland Krumm is the Pastor of City Chapel, Stuttgart,
Germany, part of Chuck Smith's worldwide network of
churches. His hearts is to reach the youth and unreached
walking the streets of that metropolitan city.