Stephen Gaukroger trained at Spurgeon’s College (U.K.) and spent a
year on staff at First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX (U.S.A.). He also served
12 years as the Senior Pastor of Gold Hill Baptist Church - one of the
largest Baptist churches in England.  He is the Founder Director of Clarion
Trust International. He has written more than 20 books and is a popular
conference speaker and has been a keynote speaker in over 20 countries.
He has served as the President of the Baptist Union and is considered one
of the most significant leaders of this generation in the U. K. He is married
to Janet and they have 3 children.
Michele Guinness  was brought up in a Jewish home and worked for many
years as a broadcaster and presenter for TV and radio. She has authored
over 11 books and is a regular contributor to Families First, Woman Alive,
Christianity and The Church of England Newspaper. She is a regular
speaker at major Christian conferences in the U. K. And Europe. She and
her husband Peter, the vicar of St. Mark’s, Gillingham, have a son and a
Kim Goh was previously known as the “Chinese Godfather”, the head
of a Triad group in the U. K. In the 1980’s he ended up in prison for 4
years, charged with 500 crimes. While there he found salvation in Jesus
Christ which completely changed his life. Kim’s experiences are
recounted in the book “Conquering the Dragon”. He is married to his
wife Mary.
Victor Kalisher is the General Director of The Bible Society - Israel. He is
the son a the Holocaust survivor “Zvi” who wrote a book by the same
name about his experiences. He has been on the leadership team of the
Israeli Messianic Assembly for over 12 years.
Charlie Cleverly has served as the Rector of St. Aldates, Oxford, since
September 2002. Before that he was pastor of a French-speaking
church in inner-city Paris for ten years. He founded ‘Embrace nos
Coeurs’ and ‘Intercession France’, international conferences promoting
intercession throughout France. Charlie is the author of “The Passion
That Shapes Nations”, “The Discipline of Intimacy” and other books. He
is married to Anita.
Susie Howe grew up as a talented dancer but went into nursing as a
career. In the 1980’s she became an expert on the subject of AIDS and
soon found herself studying its effects on families and children in
Zimbawe. She then developed the Pavement Project in the U. K. to
reach street children through Gospel tracts. She then returned to Africa
to mobilise churches against torture and child abuse. By 1998 her
ministry, Bethany Children’s Trust, was supporting 6,000 orphans. They
now work in 8 countries.
Doug Stevens has served for 12 years as the Senior Pastor of
Hillside Covenant Church (CA - USA) and Interim Pastor at a
number of churches. He is a graduate of U of C and Fuller
Theological Seminary. He teaches at University level on Church
Management and Communication. Doug is the Executive Director of
The Leadership Connection. He and his wife Nancy have 3 children.
Rebecca Manley-Pippert joined Inter-Varsity Christian
Fellowship in 1973 and became their national consultant on
evangelism. She is the author of a number of books including the
best-selling book “Out of the Salt Shaker and Into The World”
which has been translated into 13 languages. Rebecca is a
popular conference speaker around the world. Her husband Wes
is a correspondent for United Press and they live in Washington,
D. C. (USA).
Jim Wallis is a best selling author, theologian and
political activist. He serves as a spiritual adviser to
President Barack Obama. Jim is the President and
CEO of The Sojourners and frequently speaks at the
United Nations. He is married to the Rev. Joy Carroll,
one of the first ordained female priests in the Church
of England who was the basis for the TV series “The
Vicar of Dibley”. They have 2 sons.

Francis Chan and his wife founded Cornerstone
Community Church in CA (U. S. A.) in 1994 and left in
April 2010 to pursue an unknown path. He also founded
Eternity Bible College and serves on the Board of World
Impact and Children’s Hunger Fund. Francis has given
away 90% of his income and donated the royalties from
his many books to charity. He and his wife Lisa have
four daughters and a son.