Mark Anderson has church planted and Pastored in a number of
nations. In the 1980’s he saw over 1 million people come to faith in
Jesus Christ. Today he serves as the President of Call2All, the
Global Pastor’s Network, founded by Dr. Bill Bright and works with
Youth with a Mission. Mark and his wife Karen have 6 children and 6
Otto de Bruijne is an artist, theologian, author, broadcaster and
minister from The Netherlands. In 2006, after complications from
surgery, he was in a coma for 51 days. Medical experts said that
he would not be able to walk or function ever again. Today Otto
travels the world sharing his unique blend of humour, knowledge
of Scripture and various writings and art.  He and his wife Renee
have five children.
Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali was the 106th Bishop of Rochester in the
Church of England. He was born in Pakistan of Christian parents, his
father a convert from Shia, Islam. Michael received his undergraduate
degree in Theology from Oxford University, his postgraduate degree
from Cambridge University (M Litt) and also studied at Harvard
University. From 1986 - 1989 he was the assistant to the Archbishop of
Canterbury. Michael is married to his wife Valerie and they have two
Andy Croft is the Associate Director of Soul Survivor. He studied
Theology at Cambridge University and is an author and popular
conference speaker. He leads  “Called to Lead”, the Soul Survivor
course for emerging leaders and is married to praise and worship
leader Beth Croft.
Brian Greenaway is the author of the books “The Monster Within” and
“Hell’s Angel”. Both books tell the story of the President of the Hell’s
Angels, driven by drugs, crime and violence who ended up in a prison
cell crying while reading Nicky Cruz’s autobiography “Run, Baby, Run”.
Today as a committed Christian Brian is the prison chaplain of
Wandsworth Prison (U. K.) and also assists in counselling in other
Douglas Gresham is the son of Joy Gresham and the stepson of
famed British author CS Lewis ("The Chronicles of Narnia", etc.). His
life is described in his book "Lentin Lands". He is also a
British-American actor, the co-producer of the "Narnia" film series and
a biographer. He is married to his wife Merrie.
Kim Sung-Hae Cho is the Chancellor of Hansei University in Seoul,
Korea, one of South Korea’s top ranked universities. Hansei was
formerly called Sunshin University and before that Full Gospel
Theological College. Some say that Dr. Sung Hae is the success
behind the world’s largest church as she is the husband of the
Founder of Yoido Full Gospel Church, Dr. David Yonggi Cho and the
daughter of one of the church’s pioneers. She is also an
accomplished pianist, performing worldwide and a popular author and
conference speaker. Dr. Kim and her husband Dr. Cho have children.
Michael Bassett  BC (before Christ) was a professional
pornographer, counterfeiter, casino owner and playboy/gigolo. After
his conversion founded the Hampstead Bible School with his wife
Denise in 1983. He also served in the Pastoral role for 13 years in
London. Now reaching out to the church worldwide Michael and
Denise are based in Nice, France. He is also a gifted singer and the
CEO of The Church on the Web, Faithbook, B-onweb Promotion
and Management, the leader of JC & friends. He is also the host of
a number of radio and television programmes.
Virginia (Gigi) Graham is the oldest child and daughter of evangelist
Billy Graham and his wife Ruth. Gigi married clinical psychologist Dr.
Stephan Tchividjian and has lived in Switzerland, Israel and the USA.
Their son Tulian is the Senior Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian
Church (the church previously Pastored by Dr. D. James Kennedy).
Stephen passed away in 2010. Gigi has written seven books and is a
popular conference speaker in the US and worldwide. Gigi has seven
children and eleven grandchildren.
Pat Lencioni began The Table Group in 1997 for which he serves
as the President. He is the author of popular books such as "The 5
Dysfunctions of a Team". Fortune Magazine has named him as
"One of 10 new gurus you should know." The Wall Street Journal
described Pat as one of the most in-demand speakers in America.
He is also the co-founder of Strong Men/Strong Faith. Pat is
married and has four sons.