Principles TV
Bobby Downes and his brother, Kevin, have produced
a number of outstanding Christian films including “Time
Changer” and their most recent “Like Dandelion Dust”.  
Bobby assisted in the writing of the best selling book
"The Shack" and is also the CEO and founder of the
popular website Christian
Gary Wheeler is an award winning film and TV producer
who has, most notably, produced, directed and written
the award winning film "The Trial" as well as “The List”
starring Malcolm McDowell, based on the book by
Robert Whitlow. He is also on the board of the
International Christian Visual Media Association, based in
the U. S..
Tabitha Webb received her BA (Hons) Degree from the
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and a post
graduate diploma from the Royal Academy of Music.  
Her professional career began at the age of 16 when
she won the BBC Choir Girl of the Year Award. Her
London West End roles include her current stint as the
Alternate Christine in “Phantom of the Opera”. She is a
featured soloist in major TV and concert performances.   
Sven Wichmann has served as both Art Director and
Set Designer on various productions including the Oscar
winning film “Babette’s Feast” and the ground breaking
Danish marionette based film “Strings”. He has worked
for the MGM Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Studios
in Hollywood and over 40 Norwegian feature films and TV
programmes. Sven is also a frequent lecturer on set
design as an art form.
Bart Gavigan is well respected in both the Hollywood
and European film worlds. He was the writer and
producer on the award winning films "End of the Spear"
and "Luther" (starring Joseph Fiennes and Peter
Ustinov). He is a well respected "script doctor" and also
runs clinics for Hollywood and European screen writers.
He and his wife Patricia have a son who is following in
his father's footsteps.    
John Grooters is the Writer, Director and Co-Producer
of the award winning film “The Frontier Boys”. He has
received over 63 national and international awards for
production excellence in writing, producing and directing.
His vision is to produce films to reach and inspire young
Christopher Silber is one of Germany's leading
screenwriters. He was a screenwriter for the
acclaimed film "Goodbye Lenin" and has won
Germany's Grimme award for his work on the crime
drama "Tatort". His latest film "My Last Day Without
You" has already begun winning international awards.
Steven Faux began playing the violin at age 9 and then
piano. He first began composing at age 11. He has
composed the scores for programmes such as David
Attenborough's "Life of Birds", "Arthur" and National
Geographic documentaries - over 150 programmes so
far. Steven is also the Curate of an Anglican church in
Bath, England.
Owen Stephens is an experienced Hollywood
Cinematographer having worked on films such as
“Wild, Wild West”, “The Bodyguard”, “Miami Vice”,
“Crocodile Dundee” and “Ace Ventura: Pet
Detective”. He is also the inventor of the unique
Pampalite film and TV lighting system.
Julie Sheldon had a promising career with the Royal
Ballet. It abruptly came to an end when she was stricken
with the neurological disease Dystonia. In intensive care
she was prayed for by Canon Jim Glennon. God heard
that prayer and Julie was miraculously healed. She has
written of her testimony in the book “Dancer Off Her
Feet”. She has also written “The Blessing of Tears” and
“One Step at a Time”.