Principles TV & HFC International

What is it?

We are a very unique para-church organisation - working alongside Christian
churches, ministries, charities and NGOs of almost every denomination across
the globe.
What do we do?

We currently work with TV and
satellite networks, media production
companies, churches, ministries,
charities and NGOs in over 47
countries and on every continent -
putting leadership tools in the hands
of those worldwide and sowing
financial and practical seeds into
those in need - spiritually and

Since that time we
have purposefully
attempted to carry this
out in every way
possible - through
media, film, TV,
personal one-on-one,
mass coverage and to
seek ways, methods
and inventions that
have just been made
to use them to reach
the world more
effectively. In that time
we have given the
message of Jesus
Christ and His free gift
to every man, woman
and child that we have
come across:
salvation by the grace
of God and the gift of
Jesus Christ.
Praying for Dr. David Yonggi Cho, founder
of the world's largest church.
Photo: Youdi Full Gospel Church Staff Photographer
Some years ago we felt that God had given to us a
command, a mission statement:

FIND the Leaders!

 TRAIN the Leaders!

     SEND the Leaders!

Our Director is David Sullivan who
has led and/or been an advisor and
co-ordinator on some of Europe's
largest and far reaching evangelistic
and leadership training events with up
to 15,000 participants. He is a much
sought after advisor on the subjects
of media, cross-cultural evangelism
and diplomacy, global business
issues and the changing and
developing Chinese relations in
business, media and industry.

Also serving as the Executive
Producer of
Principles TV David has
been responsible for guiding the
growth of one of the world's largest
independent broadcasting and media
production development. Now
reaching over 1 billion people through
over 30 TV series and cutting edge
film production Principles TV brings a
unique blend of culturally diverse,
spiritually uplifting and challenging
programming as well as much
needed training for leaders
worldwide, especially in the
developing world and the areas of
the persecuted church.  
Interviewing Head of the British
Army General Sir Richard
Dannatt at MOD Whitehall for his
last full length TV interview
before his retirement from that
An interview on "Premier TV"