L E A D E R S H I P

Principles of Leadership - Learn the success principles
of many of the world's most love and respected Christian

Precepts of Leadership - Continuing on from "Principles"
the "Precepts" series asks many of the next generation of
leaders probing questions.

Perspectives of Leadership - Coming Autumn 2013

Facing the Challenge - How does Luis Palau and Joyce
Meyer set priorities or Jentezen Franklin keep balance? This
series helps to answer these topical questions.

          T H E    W O R L D   A R O U N D   U S

Into All the World - Often called a spiritual "National
Geographic" this series looks at the sights and the heart felt
needs of many cities and countries worldwide.

Tapestry - Everyday people doing unusual things in faraway

                                M U S I C

Principles of Praise - From praise & worship singer /
songwriters to a country western singer to an opera singer
in Italy this series probes the inspiration and principles of
top musical leaders.

                               P R A Y E R

Fast, Pray Love: The Principles of Prayer - From a  list
of top prayer "practitioners" we meet and question those
who are in the spotlight of leading and teaching prayer

                            B U S I N E S S

Principles of Business - We have interviewed some of the
world's top business men and women and asked them their
key principles that helped them to get to where they are

         F I L M / T V / E N T E R T A I N M E N T

Stars in His Crown - Well known Christian actors,
actresses, producers, directors, script writers, composers
and set designers from the world of TV, film, the stage and
entertainment answers our delving questions about their
work and lives.

                   P E R S O N A L I T I E S

Next Gen & Kin - Features the children and relatives of
some of the world's most notable figures from the world of
music, politics, the arts, literature and religion.

                         T E S T I M O N I E S

Broken Lives Restored - Celebrates the life
transformations experienced by men, women and children
worldwide - from despair to hope from brokeness to

                             H I S T O R Y

Builders of the Christian Church - is the story of the men
and women who have literally changed the course of Church
History through the ages. From Martin Luther to Brother
Andrew this collection of ordinary people has sparked a
change in thinking, direction and purpose of the Christian
Church worldwide.

Living History of the Bible                                 


Principles of Competition - Top athletes and
competitors share their personal and professional

      C U R R E N T  T R E N D S

The Issues of Life


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Bible / Israel Photo CDs
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Quotes about the "Principles / Precepts of
Leadership" Series

Quotes about the "Principles of Praise" Series

Quotes about the "Principles of Prayer" Series
"I'm delighted to say that (the DVD) arrived here in
Guernsey the very next day after I ordered it from your

My wife and I watched it immediately and gained insight from
Andrew Wommack's Principles of Leadership.Many thanks
indeed for your
         A. S. - Guernsey
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